Why Attend?

Top reasons to attend Oil & Gas Sustainability Forum

  • Hear from Amina Benkhadra, General Director, Onhym, on diversifying energy sources and combating climate change
  • Understand how to meet growing demand in a carbon constrained world from Arther Lee, Chevron fellow and principal advisor for environment and climate change, Chevron.
  • Participate in roundtable discussions where all participants can have their say on the future of the oil and gas industry, topics include:
    • Developing an HSE culture for sustainable E&P projects
    • Conducting operations in a manner which will create economic and social opportunity
    • Implementing energy efficiency policies and ensuring best sustainability performances
    • Promoting sustainable increased drilling efficiencies and lowering cost
    • What to hope for when working towards a global policy framework
    • Investing in a greener future- what is the way forward for investors?
    • Refineries combining environmental performance and economic challenges
    • Innovation: assessing developments in CO2 storage technologies

Why now?

In the run up to COP 22, Onhym is delighted to be hosting the inaugural Oil & Gas Sustainability Forum. The purpose of this important event is to bring together the most senior stakeholders in the oil and gas industry to discuss and debate the role of the industry in promoting sustainable energy policies and to agree on a shared industry message for COP22.

The Forum includes a variety of interactive formats including roundtables, panel discussions and Q&A sessions all designed to encourage participants to have a voice on the future of our industry.