Conference Day One

08:00 - 09:00

Registration and Coffee

09:00 - 09:05

Welcome address from the Energy Exchange

09:05 - 09:10

Chairperson’s opening remarks

Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas


09:10 - 09:40


Keynote address: Oil markets and the global economy
 Current oil market conditions
 Has the oil price failed to generate economic growth?
 Outlook
Christof Ruhl, Head of Global Research, ADIA

09:40 - 10:30

Keynote panel discussion

How should NOCs and IOCs collaborate to encourage investments and advance gas projects
 Creating a business environment that encourages private sector involvement
 What changes in energy policy need to happen in the Middle East?
 Creating win-win NOC, IOC partnerships
 Encouraging the role of the private sector through improving the investment framework for exploration and production
 Tackling wasteful and distorting subsidies in the market for gas
 Recognising the higher capital-intensity of gas investments
 What are the significant infrastructure requirements in the midstream in terms of processing and pipelines, and the longer payback?
 Taking in to account the entire value chain
Peter Bartlett, CEO, BAPCO
Christof Ruhl, Head of Global Research, ADIA
Alain Guenot, Senior Vice President, Total UAE
Abdulla Al Qadi, Executive Director, E&P, Crescent Petroleum
Parmi Kanda, Owner, KPLC

10:30 - 11:30

Morning refreshments and networking

11:30 - 12:00


The critical role of independent oil and gas companies to advance gas production in the region
 What crucial role is Dana Gas playing in region?
 Updates on the Zora Field Development Project
 Commitment to supplying clean energy in the region
 How is Dana Gas expanding gas production capacity in Egypt?
Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas

12:00 - 12:40

Panel discussion: Energy Subsidies – the case of public attitudes towards energy and water conservation

Tackling the public resistance to change and the curtailment of subsidies
 Engaging with the concept of conserving energy and water resources in the Middle East
 Why conservation makes financial sense - demand for electricity outstripping supply in the Middle East; population growth; high opportunity costs of having less fossil fuels available for export
Bruce Basaraba, Head Of HSSE, Dana Gas
Abdulla Al Qadi, Executive Director, E&P, Crescent Petroleum
Parmi Kanda, Owner, KPLC

12:40 - 13:10

An insight into Iran- the future of oil and gas in the region

 Iranian Petroleum Contract developments
 Production increase
 Impact of the sanctions on the Middle East
Parmi Kanda, Owner, KPLC

13:10 - 14:40

Lunch Break

14:40 - 15:40



1. Asset Integrity
2. Unitisation- led by Parmi Kanda, KPLC
3. Energy Efficiency
4. LNG in the Middle East- led by Anne-Sophie Corbeau, KAPSARC


15:40 - 15:50

Short conclusions presented by roundtable chairs


Chairman’s closing remarks