Student Engagement Programme

09:30 - 12:30

The Energy Exchange Student Engagement Programme and the Awards of Excellence are part of a year-round programme to acknowledge, award and facilitate the development of young local talent in the MENA region.

The programme aims to establish long-term partnerships with leading national and international companies focusing on two disciplines: Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering. Students will also participate in the roundtables, world cafés and the break-out discussions throughout the conference to gain in-depth understanding of the industry’s future.


Leaders of Tomorrow Competition – the brightest students from local universities will be selected present their projects and Awards in Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering will be presented to the winners.

Technicians’ Workshop –technician students are invited to identify a vertical within the industry and then identify an individual who works within the identified field. Students research the job profile and submit an essay on the learnings. The top 3 submissions are selected and prizes awarded.

Professional Insights Roundtable – students can gain practical insights and advice from industry professionals.

Student field trip to an Operator Site

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